Saturday, January 23, 2010

A visit to my indian friend's house

On Friday my friend arrived home from India and Europe. So of course she gives me a call to come round :)And as usual she feeds me up with tasty indian food :) I love going to her house for this very reason. My usual favourite is something called chaat. So tasty but hard to explain. But on Friday she introduced me to a new dish. It has this kind of steamed bread/cake stuff which you heat up and pour some sauce on it. The sauce is kind of spicy with a lemony taste. It is also good with yoghurt (in my opinion).

I wish I could cook like that. When she comes to my house I cannot feed her such tasty food.

Do you enjoy visiting your friends to taste their dishes? What is your favourite cuisine?


Psych Babbler said...

Oh...gotta love Indian food. I may be biased but I do love Indian food even if my cooking hasn't been perfected! I think that's the only thing about India I actually like :p I love chaat. But don't actually know where you can get the ingredients to prepare it. And I'm trying to figure out the second dish you have described but don't have a clue! Do you know the name??

Anonymous said...

Was the steamed bread/cake stuff polenta?

One of my friends cooks the most insane and delicious couscous dishes. We don't eat couscous at home because Robert doesn't like it so going to Andreas for dinner is like a tastebud holiday.

Clarissa said...

Hmm...dont think it was polenta. And i am actually not a fan of couscous...but each to their own

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Sounds amazing - gotta love friends who love to feed you! My fave depends on my mood {funnily enough I'm always in the mood for french...}. I might feel in a spicy mood, lemony mood, rich and cheesy mood and I'll go from there.
That dish you had sounds amazing - you have to ask what it was!

Clarissa said...

Haha..i already knew of your passion for french food :P I think i must be one of the worst cooks out of all my friends!