Friday, January 8, 2010


One thing I am really greatful to my parents for is my letting/making me take music lessons and learning how to read music. To me reading music is the most natural thing in the world. Not being able to read music would be as strange to me as not being able to read. And though I no longer play my clarinet (unfortunatetly) i can still sit at the piano and have tinkle. I am even more greatful for my brother learning music cause he can still just sit at the piano and play properly. Wonderful to have live music in the house :) :)

Music is a pretty important thing for me. In all my favourite disney movies - the music is what i am watching for. I love musicals. I love christmas hymms (the old ones). I can't even fall asleep at night listening to music as I get into to much!

How does role does music play in your life?


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I can't imagine life without a musical soundtrack! I love music too, in all its guises. I love listening to my daughter sing around the house, I adore turning the music up load while I clean and oh, nothing makes me happier than belting out a Christmas Carol!

Chatterbox said...

Wow! I would love to read music someday. It would be so much fun to be actually reading those gorgeous characters which do not ring in my mind at the moment.

I am a big fan of musicals myself :)

Keep up the good work Clarissa.


Anonymous said...

well I know the theory of reading music but I am totally, 100% music handicapped. I love the listen however and I envy those who can create music.

good post.

Clarissa said...

Pinkpatentmaryjane - I love to sing old christmas carols in my out of tune voice accompained by my brother on the piano :)My favourites are good king wenceslas, hark the herald angel sing and we three kings

Chatterbox - It isn't too hard to learn to read it. And i taught myself how to play the piano with my brothers beginners piano books and thanks

Jacintah - Thanks. Some people are luckier in terms of musical ability unfortunately :(