Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry for my absence

Sorry for my absence from posting these past couple of days. Been really busy with uni work and family stuff :) My honours supervisor read some of the stuff I had typed up and said he was impressed so yay!!! I always get so nervous when people read my writting - well not my rambling writting but things that count.

My day is again going to be filled with trying to write about limpets. Joy :P

Has anyone got anything planned for the pseudo long weekend? I am hopefully going to go watch some cricket, go to symphony in the domain with some friends and have a family do on the tuesday. And of course listen to triple j's hottest 100 :)

I will write a proper post later today i hope


E. said...

Hottest 100! For a few years we were always driving somewhere and listening to the Hottest 100. Those were the days. LOL.

It's good that your supervisor liked your work so far. Great effort.

Anonymous said...

well done on good progress on your thesis.

Ah Hottest 100! What memories for me as well.

We are waiting to see what the weather does - maybe a camping trip to Tinaroo.

Clarissa said...

Thanks guys

Jacintah - I have been to Tinaroo before :) Have fun

Unfortunately havn't really listened to the radio much this year so will see how many of the songs I will actually recognise