Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten things

miss carly tagged me to do this little ten things thingy-ma-bob. and then tag ten others. hmm...exciting?


Ten things that make me happy.

1. Books - they are my lifeline. They let me escape to other worlds and into my head - good for when things get tough. Also my audio books/dramatisations. Always there when i am having trouble getting to sleep.

2. Walking home at night. I love walking home at night from the bus stop. I love the emptyness and they way the street lights light up everything. I take mental photographs of it all.

3. Baths. I am definetly a bath girl not a shower girl. I love to lie in the bath...very hot bath..and read. I never fill the bath up first but sit in it while it is being filled up

4. Cricket on the radio - best thing ever :)and pretty funny to listen to

5. Camping. With my boyfriend. I love being outside the city and see beautiful places. And eating tasty food. I love to just sit in a chair in the afternoon reading and eating yummy food/hor devours.

6. Planning holidays. Before we did our last big trip (Cairns to Broome) I spent like a year researching. Not booking things or anything like that. Just reading about it all. I think I would make a really good holiday planner :P

7. Getting something in the post - apart from bills/uni stuff. It is always so exciting. And i have been getting quite a lot recently - things i have bought, cards, exciting presents :)

8. My limpets :) when they cooperate and do what i want them to do

9. Beautiful things made from wood. I love the smell, the texture and the shapes. Especialy australian wood

10. Getting a phone call from a friend :) Makes me feel special

Now for ten people


Psych babbler
Melissa at Sugar Coat it


Psych Babbler said...

Nice! Good to know more about you. Y'know...I've never been camping ever in my 25 years...was talking to some friends about it recently but none of them is keen on trying it out :/ Sigh. So going to have to wait...and if I ever get another boyfriend in the future, maybe then will have to try it out...

Chatterbox said...

What a wonderful list Clarissa.
Am glad to know you and your likings a bit better.

Hope you have a fabulous time this new year.


Clarissa said...

Thanks Chatterbox :)

Anonymous said...

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