Sunday, January 31, 2010

My primary school

Since there is so much going on in the media at the moment in regards to schools etc and Jacintah at live life now inspired me...i thought i would dedicate a post to me and my primary school(s).

I was very lucky where I grew up. Growing up on the North Shore you just assumed that all the primary schools were great.I spent Kindi to Year 4 at Lane Cove West Primary - which luckily was just up the street. This school was quite small - maximum one class per year, often ending up with composite classes. We had a big oval (well seemed enormous to me) and the toilets weren't too bad.

Reflecting back I can't really remember what we learnt in primary school

* basic arithmetic
* how to read and write
* was there anything else??

I just seem to recall doing a lot of reading - which i still love to this day. Our second year teacher tried to teach us greek which was great.

I remember the old computers with those weird games which tried to help you learn maths. I had a great nerdy computer partner so those games were a breeze.

We had drama classes - lots of singing and dancing around.

We used to play hiding games around the old toilet blocks (our toilet blocks were always changing) and the library. The AV room was always so nice and cold.

We had a school band which was made up of a clarinetist, a violenist, a flutist and about 15 people on percussion/keyboard. I remember walking up to the local plaza and me and my violin friend (i played the clarinet) swapped instruments to carry up. Good for me cause a violin is lighter than a clarinet.

History lessons seemed to consist of painting historical figures.

What do you remember about primary school?

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