Thursday, January 14, 2010

T2 and why I love my friends

Yesterday I went tea shopping at T2. For a long time I have been a fan of this shop. Ever since a friend of mine took some turkish apple stuff on a duke of edinborough hike back in high school :).

Anyway, a good friend of mine works at the one at macquarie centre so I enlisted her in helping me pick out some great teas. And she was fantastic - knew everything about all the teas!!! And there is at least 100 different ones!!! And when I was like "I want some Japanese" - she is like...try this one. Sigh - love her.

As I couldn't choose between all the great teas - I bought five. They all smell so nice. I got

- Getaway geisha - a green tea with a pina colada twist
- red green dreamy - fruity rooibas tea ( i really liked red fancy fruit and this one also smells good) - apparantly good hot and cold
- red green vanilla - similar to the previous but vanillary, more relaxing and smooth :)
- Creme brulle - a black tea so one you can have with milk - charamally
- and another green tea whose name i have temporally forgotten - it is japanese

don't they all sound so tasty?? What is everyone's favourite type of tea? I love making iced teas in summer.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Now that sounds fun! I really need to get more into tea, and less into coffee... I have a lovely Rose Grey tea, some violette tea a friend bought me when she was in the south of france!

Kate said...

I went past T2 and thought how appealing the store is and how it would be nice to try different teas and have some funky teapots. But I have never drunk tea - don't really like the taste. Rarely have a hot drink! So I can't answer your question! K :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, just received a selection of tea-stash yesterday as a matter of fact. My new bestest ever favourite is a summer pudding blend which will be just fantastic as an iced tea.

Clarissa said...

PPMJ - I think tea can be more fun than coffee and I have stopped drinking coffee really - for nearly 4 years!

Kate - You should experiment more with diffrent teas. Herbal teas for example aren't made with tea leaves i think

Jacintah- Summer pudding sounds delightful