Friday, January 22, 2010

Music, Me and my Emotions

Tonight I was listening/watching to the last song on the "Sectionals" episode of Glee..I know I is "My life would suck without you" and I cried my heart out listening to it..about 10 times I listened to it in a row. I guess it just brought up the sadness in me. Not that it is that sad a song or anything. But it was cathartic in a way. It is good to cry. And then to cheer myself up I listened to Defying gravity and some other songs. :) Music does that to me. Really tugs on my emotions. Think Titanic - I cried for ten minutes last time just cause of "my heart will go on"!

Sigh. I know what I will fall asleep with in my head

Sweet dreams everyone


E. said...

I know what you mean. Well except about Titanic! LOL.

Were you seriously still up at 4.52 am? Now that's nasty.

Clarissa said...

No..i was only up to like one or two...stupid computer or something.

How can you not cry in titanic!!

E. said...

Ummm I think this is where I confess that I didn't really think Casablanc was romantic either.

Will you still talk to me?

Clarissa said...

Haha. I cry in heaps of movies. And of course I will still talk to you :P :P