Monday, December 7, 2009

Saved by the cricket

I normally don't mind work at all. Just sitting, typing up data, drifting in thought. But today - today I could barely sit up I was so tired. No idea why. Was just consumed with sleep.

Thankfully - the cricket was on today. Australia vs West Indies. 4th day. I love the cricket..and I love listening to it on the radio. So i sneakily went onto the internet and listened to online with my headphones plugged in.

Ahh...saved me from dying at work :)

Daniel Vettori - my favourite cricketer ...and yes he is a kiwi...but i think he is kind of cute :) and good at cricket :)

Does anyone else have to rely on outside forces to keep you sane at work?


Anonymous said...

I need a good dose of music to keep the vibe up. Some good old pub rock from the 80's or my favourite country tunes keep me humming along and eyes off the clock.

Psych Babbler said...

Oh I only saw this post now! I love the cricket too!!! I remember my uni days having the cricket on telly in the background no matter what game it was and trying to study. Sometimes I was successful, other times, not so much! :P Gilly is my all-time fav (in case you haven't guessed when visiting my blog!) At work though, I miss being able to have the cricket on in the background...and that's bcoz I have clients!