Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My month of no luck with computers

It seems that this month everything has gone wrong with my laptop and other computer related thingss.

Firstly, the cord connection on my external hard drive broke. This, though not necessarily the end of the world, upset me as it contains all the movies my boyfriend kindly put on there before he left. Fortunately I could just buy a new case for my external hardrive (~$30) and with a bit of help from my boyfriend over the phone managed to pull the original case apart and move the hard drive to the new case. Yay...return of movies.

But now to the more worrying issue. My laptop will now longer turn on. For a couple of weeks it has been getting worse and worse with having problems connecting it to a powersource...until i reached this point. The problem is most likely either that there is something wrong with the cable or with the connection in the laptop. I am seriously hoping that it is the former as then I will only have to fork out for a new cable and not an entirely new laptop!!!! Which obviously costs more money! And I have so much stuff on my laptop. Luckily I had backed up most of my uni stuff at uni :)

So how am I writting this when it would seem that this is at home hours...well i actually own to desktop mac computers so all is not lost. Though this computer is a bit slower ...and not so good at the internet...and drives me crazy sometimes...all is not lost thankfully.

Is anyone else being completely frustrated by computers at the moment??? Or is all the bad luck being funelled to me...


Psych Babbler said...

Oh I do hope your laptop is all right and that it's only the cable's fault! I had problems with mine mid-year...there were keys that just stopped working and I had to send the whole laptop back (extended warranty) and was without it for a week. I went crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Touch wood that its only temporary.

I am not going to make any comment at the moment lest I tempt the fates. I always get nervous just before we leave on Christmas Break knowing that we leave our s..E..r..v..E..r (disguised so the fates don't recognise what we have)alone.

Clarissa said...

Still havn't had a chance to sort it out yet :S On another note - my printer has also broken!!! Sigh. Hope everyone's computers survive :)