Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Computer shops are lame

In a follow up to my previous post - I went to about 5 computer shops today to see if they could test my laptop cable thing by plugging it in to something

All i got was - we can't do that - you will have to bring in your laptop (que pay us lots of money)

or...that will cost you $10-$ plug a cable in???? No thank you. To me that is a rip off

So I still have got no where :( :(

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Chatterbox said...

That's very bad :(
I had a similar problem with my laptop's USB portal last year. My computer had gone too slow and won't work no-matter how hard what we tried. Every repair store or dealer answered very similarly just like they did to you.

At last we formatted our laptop on our own and it got back to it's normal self. Though I did loose a fair bit of data in the process cause of continuous errors on part of our sick laptop. But formatting did the magic.

I hope your laptop get's well soon.