Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Years Eve

Happy New Year Everyone - hope it is great - not too boring but not too difficult also.

My nye was packed - and not entirely in a good way. I started off by going to the post office ...but my local one was closed. Which i think is stupid since it wasn't even a public holiday!! So i had to hop back on the bus to a new supurb where the line in the post office was huge. Sigh. Then I had to go to my field site in La Parouse - cue a long bus ride and walk. And to top it off none of my limpets were where they were supposed to be.

Finally I got to do something new years eve-y. Meet up with friends for a picnic evening watching the fireworks. For me though - I don't really enjoy waiting hours (7 in total this year) in a cramped area, on a rug covered in damp patches of spilt vodca just to watch fireworks. But I did enjoy spending time with friends. And eating. Ate 3/4 of a packet of cornchips with salsa :) And drinking experimental punch. Had strawberry and cream tisane mixed with kiwi vodka and other things. Interesting. Finally got home at 3. Long trip home on the train - but at least we had a seat the entire way.

How was everyone's nye?


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Wow, that punch sounds pretty amazing! And yes, I'm with you - the wait can be a shocker! We drove the kids in to the foreshore, left home at 8.55 and got to the foreshore just when the first fireworks went off. I parked semi-illegally {3/4 of car in a space...} while sister-in-law dashed across the road with the kids to watch the fireworks. Then home for more champagne and bedtime for kids.

Happy new year and I hope you find your limpets!

Clarissa said...

My favourite thing about the fireworks is the loud booms. Unfortunately you can only really get that live