Friday, December 4, 2009

Guily pleasures - Part 3


I love to read. Every single day. Anywhere and everywhere. Here are some books I read when I want a cheering up or a relax or whatever.

Anything by Agatha Christie. I have read every single of one of her books! I think they are so clever. I even have about 20 of them as audio dramatasisations which I listen to at night before going to sleep. I really like the Dark is Rising sequence. I just find reading them very satisfying :)

Most things by orson scott card. Speaker for the dead is probably my favourite (the 2nd one in the Ender's game series). I also really like Ender's game, the rest of the ones in that series, The worthing saga. Pastwatch- Christopher Columbus the redemption, and Earthborn (5th in the Homecoming saga). I also like Maps in the mirror - I like how he talks about the stories in that and their inspiration etc.

I really like this book..and it improves on 2nd and third time reading. This is because when you first read it you are trying to work out what is happening etc...but the next time when you read everything is infused with the emotion of knowing the whole story.

Haha. And i like to read all the Harry Potter books. Except for the 5th one which annoys me!
Another book related guilty pleasure of mine is book stores ...every single time I go into one I can't help but buy something!! Very bad for the wallet.
Also in this category of cheery up books are ones by Isabelle Carmody, lord of the rings, Foundation series by Isacc Asimov and many more.
The books listed here do appear very childlike...but these are not my every day reading books...just ones I rely on having there when I need them.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I too love comfort reading! I haven't read an Agatha Christie in years, but I always used to try and work out whodunnit and never, ever could. Damned clever that woman. And yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan. My daughter's nearly old enough for me to allow her to access my collection...

E. said...

I love the Dark is Rising sequence too. In fact I bought it this time last year - the all in one book. I'm not sure I am game to watch the recent movie The Seeker because I'm pretty sure the story will just be wrong!

Love LOTR. The Harry Potter books are good too.

Clarissa said...

PinkPatentMaryJanes - Haha. I used to try and work them out..I succeeded occasionally partially. My grandfather was a kind of private detective :)

E. - I also have the all in one book!!! And i agree with you about the movie!!!

belinda said...

love reading but don't do it as much as i used to. am a really good speed reader - as kids, we'd go to dymocks in the city as a day out (seriously, how nerdy does that sound?) and i'd read a book in the store, then buy another one so i'd get two for the price of one!!

Being Me said...

I am in desperate need of a comfort read! Must pull my finger out and get back into it. Thanks for the conscious reminder!