Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am back and Christmas

Hi everyone just letting you know that I am back ...yay...maybe...

I will try and put photos of holiday/wedding up soon but at the moment this computer won't let me upload them!!!

I hope everyone had a great christmas. Present wise I am reasonably happy. My mum gave me tickets to two Bell Shakespheare Plays at the Opera House (we go every year). Twelth Night and something else. I really enjoyed Twelth Night last time I saw it performed. She also gave me some new books (I rely on her giving me books each year). They were as follows

* The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver
* The Lost Life by Steven Carroll (and it autographed ...yay)
* Love Song by Alex Miller
* Too much happiness by Alice Munro

all of which look great.

I also got some cds, a glass lizard, bracelet, fudge and a calender from other relatives. And my boyfriend...Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and something which is arriving in the post but has been delayed...still not shipped yet :( :(

With my Dad's family we donate money to charity instead. So all up we donated $1100 to UNHCR so I am happy with that

My christmas day was spent very quietly (apart from the excited noises and present playing of Kaia (Daria's son)). just relaxing. Watched lots of tv. Played trivia.


E. said...

Glad you are back. Was wondering how everything went with Christmas and the trip to NZ.

DarNonymous said...

I know, sorry Rissole, I know it was a very quiet Xmas. But we have your present now, not what we were going to get you, found something better! Yay!
Thankyou so much for coming over for the wedding & holidaying with us, it meant alot to us.
I hope it wasn't too rough on you being stuck inside with everyone, sucked that we all got sick.
Look forward to cathing up when we get back home & vito-ing pics before you post any dork ones!

jess said...

Cant wait to see seom piccies of dar's wedding!!! Im sure it was beautiful!!!
I hope you had a great time in NZ!!

Clarissa said...

Jess - I am sorry but you will have to wait till Dar gets back home before I put up photos - she wants to vito some :(