Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My recent cooking attempts

In the past couple of days I have attempted to do some cooking.

On Sunday I was having some friends over for a picnic and I really wanted to show I was capable of cooking so I decided to bake a cake. Now, I have this recipe for the birthday cake my mum always made me every year so I thought I would give that a go. All seemed to go well at first - the mixture tasted right. But then...I put it in the oven. The recipe said medium oven for 35-40 minutes...and since I had no idea what temperature was medium I just selected around 150 degrees. The cake...did not rise. I used self raising flour by the way so it should have. And it seemed to take ages to bake. In the end my cake was 1 cm in height! It tasted great though and I ate 75% of the cake myself over 3 days!

As my boyfriend is in Antartica they don't have a lot of fresh produce, including yoghart. So they make their own yoghart using Easiyo. Since he liked the yoghart so much - and got really excited about it - he decided to buy me a easiyo youghart maker and lots of yoghart making supplies. SO finally on Monday night I made the yoghart. And so far it seems I have succedded. The yoghart tastes and looks like normal yoghart and last night I made some tzakiki dip using it. The dip is a bit stronger than I am used to but is tasty enough :)

So yay - I have kind of managed to succed in some cooking.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

The yoghurt sounds yummy. A moderate oven is usually around 180 degrees celcius - and I prefer to use plain flour and baking powder as it can lose its effectiveness in SR Flour. Glad you enjoyed eating your flat-cake - sounds delish!

Clarissa said...

Thanks for the suggestions :) The cake recipe is actually my grandmother's :)

Anonymous said...

Oh shame, yes try 180 degrees next time for the cake. Well done on both accounts.

I have left a challenge for you over at my place. Hope you are enjoying your freedom.

DarNonymous said...

Yes, 180 like the other fab ladies suggested! Hehe, but just seeing you cook a cake is great Miss No-cook!
Hahahaha, yes Nic talked me into buying an Easiyo too, haven't tried it yet though since everyone in the house is sick & staying off dairy for now!
I said to him he can put us in his resume when he goes for a job as an Easiyo rep when he gets home!!!!

Clarissa said...

I thought 180 was high! I am such a silly novice!!! Haha to Nichol convincing everyone an easiyo was the way to go. Though he paid for mine/ours so no complaints from me :)

Marg said...

I have been trying a few different recipes lately. Thinking about maybe trying to make a curry or something this weekend, but we will see.