Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The easter show, arrivals in the post and a book review

Since it is sooo noisy at the moment in my building at uni (noisy renovations) I thought I would write a quick post :)

The easter show

On Sunday afternoon me and a few friends went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. We had so much fun. Firstly we went to the big food dome and spent an hour tasting free samples and looking at the regional food displays! I love the dawn of agriculture one and some of the vegetables were enormous. I ended up buying some feta stuffed olives and marinated feta stuffed peppers - so tasty. We also bought some oysters to eat there - freshly prepared as a special treat.

Then we moved on to the arts and crafts section and looked at all the sewing and food competition entries. I love the sugar art stuff! So amazing. I once tried to do some but failed dismally.

By this time it was after five!!! So some of us went to look at the animals (I wanted to see the woodchopping but it was over). so we looked at the goats (some enormous and a bit scary), the pigs (which my friends adore) and lots of cows (which I like). Then we watched the final of the polo (nsw lost) and ate dinner whilst listening to some live music in this little area before heading home. Overall lots of fun!

Arrivals in the post

In the past week I have recieved two book parcels in the post! Yay! Both of these were birthday gifts from my brother

* Elegance of the hedgehog - i really want to read this book

* Shades of grey - after reading a teaser tuesday of this I thought I would give it a go.

I love the feel of new books - so much excitement and anticipation

Book review of The True Story of Butterfish by Nick Earls

I said I would let everyone know how I found this book so now I am! I said at first that it was hard to get into but it did improve slightly - though not too much. The book went somewhere completely different then where I expected it to go from the blurb and first part of it. And I found it didn't really go too far anywhere - like I got close to the end and I was suprised that I was near the end as it felt like nothing much had happened. Aside from this, the prose of the book was easy to read and not overly descriptive. I am not sure if I would recommened this to other people or try another book by the author but will consider further.

Anyone read anything great recently?

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E. said...

I have recently read House Rules by Jodi Piccoult. I cried in it a fair bit but found it good. Both Kellyansapansa and PyschBabbler have read it and blogged about it.

I am currently reading an older Nora Roberts book Northern Lights which I picked up second hand while I was away. I enjoy most of her books.