Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Cross Buns and Easter

Hot Cross Buns have to be my favourite part of easter. I can eat a pack a day they are so tasty. I also like the chocolate ones (the ones with chocolate chips instead of sultanas) but the normal one are still my favourite. Yesterday my mum made some fresh ones and I ate all eight of hem over the course of the evening!!! They were my dinner!

I love the smell
I love the hotness
I love peeling the cross off

What is your favourite thing about easter?


Star Child said...

I love the chocolate ones too.

I had a couple yesterday. YUM YUM.

My favourite thing this Easter is seeing a man yesterday, walking down the side of a motorway, carrying a huge cross. I don't know if it was Performance Art", or if he was going to an Easter show or something, but it was odd. And I love odd.

E. said...

I'm about to make soem hot cross buns because I ate all mine already. :(

I have given you an award. You can get it from here:

DarNonymous said...

4 day weekend! Wooo!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I've just finished a buttered hot cross bun and a big bowl of coffee after going back to bed after a 6am easter egg hunt. The whole weekend's still stretching out before us and I already feel as though I've had a week off {and I only had one - yesterday}. Enjoy x

Mari-Ann said...

Hot cross buns and cod fish cakes are what's really popular here in Bermuda during Easter. I'll take the buns, hold the cakes. :)