Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I hate my laptop!

My laptop has been having power problems again! I hate my laptop and its power problems. Have not been able to use it since last Tuesday (currently sneaking on to my mum's beautiful lap top). I will probably have to buy a whole new power supply thing - again! At the moment I am just trying to replace the faulty plug in my universal adaptor power thing but the stupid company is not getting back to me! Rant!

I will attempt to post tomorrow. I have so many posts stored up in my head - just need the energy and the motivation to do them!

For the past week I have been watching a hell of a lot of chick flicks but today I went in to uni as I am now bored of just resting! Yes - I am such a nerd - going to uni after I have handed in my honours thesis and asking for more!


DarNonymous said...

Baaaahahahha! That is SO YOU Rissole!
Booo on the computer, bet it's a Dell! Haha!

Clarissa said...

It actually isn't a dell I think...and the problem is the ritmo universal adaptator not the computer this time.