Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something which bothers me..

FOr the past four months at least I seem to get the same questions asked of me all the time...

How is Nichol?? (my boyfriend who is in Antartica for 13 months)

How are your finding it without him???

Now though these questions are asked with the best intentions - I find it very hard to answer them.

Firstly - it makes me feel that all I am defined by is my relationship with him - which is defintly not so. And though it might sound all sweet and all to say I think of him all the time - that isn't so. I am my own person and though I miss him terribly, it isn't like I am completely fallen apart (though sometimes I do feel like that).

Secondly, it is hard to explain how I truly feel about him being away. It is very complex and most of the time the context people ask me these questions is not appropriate for anything long.

Thirdly, I am asked both of these questions ALL THE TIME. By the same people.

Oh...and there is also the "so when does he get back?" question. And then I have to say 1st of December and then deal with their reaction to that. Sigh. Sometimes reality is very hard to deal with.

Now don't get me wrong - it is nice to be asked how I am coping...just i guess I want people to realise that it isn't easy for me to answer and it is hard if people are always asking.

I don't know how to tell some people that i would rather them not ask all the time and to explain why.


DarNonymous said...

Hey Rissole, when is Nichol getting back?

Hee hee. Sorry, I know I shouldn't joke, I'd be devo'd if Marty had to go O/S for a year!

You are doing fabbo, you are the same bubbly person with or without him here, shows you are just as much of a strong character.

I only ask because you speak to him/know the goss more than I do so I like to get the updates!

We looove yoooouuu Rissole!

Kellyansapansa said...

You should just tell them to mind their own business! But seriously, I can see how that would be frustrating.