Friday, March 26, 2010

My hands

At the moment it was not that easy to type. You see I have where my skin on my fingers and palms gets covered in tiny little blisters which get bigger and are sooo itchy and then painful and eventually the skin goes scaly and peels off. Very ugly..but at least not contagious.

I visited a doctor a month ago at uni and they gave me some cream...but it got worse so I went back to another doctor at uni and they just said "put more cream on" and I am like wahhh!! Clearly the cream is not working! So eventually last Thursday I went to my family Doctor and she was great. TOld me why she thought i had what I had (diagnosis wise) and wrote out a step by step plan of acton.

The most annoying thing it involves is putting special cream on the affected areas, wrapping them in wet/damp cotton wool and then wrapping them in gladwrap or putting vinyl glovs on top. SOOOOO difficult. And then at night my hands get so itchy and I cannot sleep.

I am seriously sick of this!! It makes it hard to type and the lack of sleep is getting to me! My thesis is due in less than a month so I am getting more stressed..which i think leads to my hands getting worse!!!

Sigh. I just want them to get better :(


DarNonymous said...

Poor thing, i'm glad the Doc finally sorted that out for you.
How are they going now?
P.S. See, I could be a Dr, I told you I reckoned they needed to be kept moist & in gloves!!!! Hee hee.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Ouch - glad you've got a diagnosis and treatment happening. Hopefully you'll get well soon x

Clarissa said...

Thanks guys :)