Sunday, March 28, 2010

Off to the bookshop...;

I am off to the bookshop...which always excites me. My grandfather gave me a $100 gift voucher for christmas so I am off to spend that. Have some books already mind including

* Elegance of the hedgehog (or whatever it is called). I wasn't going to buy this book until I read a review and teaser tuesday of it which made it sound pretty good :)

* The lovely bones

* Shades of Grey - read an interesting teaser of it

Does anyone have any suggestions?? Or opinions of the above books (Yay vs nay?)

Tell me fellow bibliophiles!!!!


DarNonymous said...

The Lovely Bones was a really good read, & I'm looking forward to the movie of it.
Don't know the others.

Kit said...

I agree with DarNonymous! The Lovely Bones was a brilliant read.

E. said...

No ideas... I haven't read any of those. Post reviews please!

Clarissa said...

Out of the three books I mentioned above I only got The Lovely Bones - the bookstore I had the voucher for didn't have the others. I will post about what i bought tomorrow sometime :)

Thanks for the advice though guys. I always want to know about good books :)