Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why is the world conspiring against me and my field work

Greetings everyone. So Sunday I had field work all planned to do. Get to my field site at 12 and hopefully leave by 6.30. I wake up and there is a tsunami warning to keep away from all coastal areas. I think "screw that" - I am going. I NEED to do this experiment (this is my second attempt at this particular experiment as the rain last time caused me to lose 75 percent of the labels I had glued to the rocks!!!). So after calming my mum and the friends i had roped in to help me and telling them that "No, the tsunami will not affect us" we headed off.

All seemed to be going well - though cloudier than I would have liked. No tsunami at all. The height of the water seemed the same as usual.

But then...thunder and lighting...literally. After the last area had been painted with paint stripper it started to rain!!!! I nearly cried with frustration. I needed the paint stripper to dry and go away before I could finish the last part of my experiment and with the rain there was no chance of that. So i tried as best I could to remove the remaining paint stripper but I fear (alas) that my experiment will be confounded (as in not work properly).

Second time in a fortnight!!!

On a good note - I have now written 34 pages (just of text) of my thesis. The limit for my honours thesis is 75 pages (not including figures, tables, graphs, references). So yay!!! Nearly half way there!!!!

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