Saturday, February 13, 2010

My last few days

Thought I would update everyone with what I have been up to.


I spent most of the day doing field work with my limpets :) A friend of mine came with me so that was great. She even managed to asleep on hard, bumpy rocks. I managed to make my watch tan even worse. It has faded a bit now but the photo below should give you the gist of it!

Afternoon was spent drinking tea, having a chinse massage (much needed - crouching over limpets sure makes you back sore) and perusing book stores :)


Most of friday was me getting frustrated with the post office. When I got home on Thursday evening I had one of those notes to go pick up a parcel at the post office. So I dutifully went up 9 friday morning. But somehow the had lost my parcel!!! So frustrating! I waited there for an hour whilst they searched for it. At ten they told me the guy who might know where it is comes in at 12 so they will call me at one. So home i go...1? no call. So at 2 I call and yes they have found it. It was still in the truck or something!!! :(

I had a farewell thing at uni at 4. Eating and drinking in a lab - such a disregard for OH & S. By 6.30 everyone had left though apart from me, a phd student and my supervisor. By 7 even my supervisor had left. Talk about a lame party :( But Me and the phd student endeed up staying to 9.30 finishing off some of the alcohol and chatting and ranting about biology - so not a completely wasted evening!

By the time I was walking home from the bus stop it was raining so heavily I got soaked completely in 30 seconds. After crossing the road I couldn't get back on to the footpath as the water was so deep. Even in the middle of the road it was up to my ankles!!!


Yesterday I opened my valentines/4 year aniversery present from my boyfriend - wasn't sure when would get a chance to talk today. He gave me a pandora charm bracelet :) :) So sweet of him. The charms he gave me were a snake, a turtle and an owl. Suitable for a biologist I reckon.

So anyone been doing anything nice this weekend ???


Anonymous said...

Ah Pandora, you can't go wrong there! Lovely combination too.

Lazy weekend here - too hot to do anything so we are just waiting for the rain.

Clarissa said...

Yeah - i think he choose the charms well :)

Haha. I wish I could have sent my rain to you since I really didn't need a rainy weekend!!!