Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010

I am really excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics. I absolutely love watching both the Summer and Winter Olympic games on tv, though unfortuantely Vancouver is quite a difference time wise.

Unfortunately I am in the middle of studying and typing up my thesis. Sigh.

Australia is quite naturally not the best at winter sports. No snow ...but this year we have quite a few medal hopes. These are in the Men's moguls (Gold Medal Favourite Dale Begg-Smith), Women's aerials (Another chance for a gold here with Lydia Lassila) and Women's short track skating (Tatiana BORODULINA). So i will be especially keeping my eyes on these events.

I also love the mascots they have!!! So cute.

Go here and you can check out cute images on the map of Vancouver. Or go to the website for more cute images!!

That one looks like a yeti or something :)


jess said...

i love the winter olympics too!! In fact, i love them more than the summer ones! I guess its all that snow! ITs nice to watch whilst we are sweating it out during our summertime!!
Yay for saturday!

Melissa said...

am soooo excited too. i have a friend who just moved to Vancouver with her hubby. too bad about the whole lack of snow thing. will be interesting to see how it comes out.

Mari-Ann said...

The winter Olympics are my FAVIE! Can't wait!

Good luck on your studies and thesis!!

Counting Coconuts

Clarissa said...

Snow is always fun - I have only ever gone on one skiing trip :(

I wish it wasn't so far behind in time. Basically watching everything the following morning!

Jess - I don't which olympics is better. I guess for me the winter ones are more of a novelty - all the weird sports :)

Melissa - did your friends get tickets to anything?

E. said...

Oi! Stop watchign teh Olympics adn blog. I miss your posts.