Friday, February 5, 2010

My recent guy obsession

Since seeing an episode of Dr Who recently I have developed a bit of a thing for David Tennant. Seriousoly - he is just so cute as the Doctor. I love it when he puts his glasses on. And the Doctor is such a nerd!

As a result of suddenly finding him ultra cute I have watched every single episode of Doctor Who with him in it. Thats three series and lots of specials :)

And I love both his accent in the show and his real accent.

Sigh - So here are some more pictures of him - who could resist!And yes i know he is 16 years my senior :(

Who is your current off limits hot/cute guy?


E. said...

David Tennant as Dr Who is great. As Barty Crouchy Jr in Harry Potter - scarily gross.

I like Captain Jack from Torchwood (John Barrowman).

My current / long term interest is House (Hugh Laurie).

TMI right? Okay I'll leave now...

Clarissa said...

Captain jack is ok...but definently prefer the doctor.

Haha. This girl I was kind of friends with at uni is obsessed with Hugh laurie also!

Anonymous said...

Ha, yes he is cute in a lovely nerdy sort of way. I always declare my love for Rugby Union players - you know the ones with the squashed up faces and no necks ... and especially if the play for the Waratahs. Hmmm, I may have something wrong with me.

Clarissa said...

Jacinta - you are crazy. Squashed faces?? Seriously :P :P

E. I have now watched more torchwood and Captain Jack is definently growing on me :P

...Mrs.P! said...

David Tennant is HOT! Love him!
I love Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. I like his cute goofiness.

Clarissa said...

I havn't really watched how i met your mother...

It was nice opening up my blog and seeing a picture of david tennant every time. Sad that that is no longer so!