Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yesterday was a mixed day

I got up at 6.30 to go to my field site (that is early for me!). My second bus was late (grrr) and the bus driver was sooo slow. Like 40 Km the entire journey! And there was this noisy creaking noise the entire trip which drove me crazy and prevented me from reading!

Then when I arrive there...I was late..and to make matters worse I must have misread the tidecharts or something because the water was higher than expected! So I hurriedly glued labels on the my limpets and took some measurements...Then I had a couple of hours to waste decided to go for a swim :) :) I hadn't brought my swimmers so stripped to undies and t-shirt...and splashed in..And boy did it feel good!!!! No one else around just me and suprisingly clear ocean. So cool and refreshing. Thankfully there were no old ladies glaring down from me from the golf course above my field site :)

(This is not from yesterday but from my holiday in the Northern Territory...but I think it illustrates the clearness and refreshing nature of yesterday's swim)

Anyway...on the way back I home I discovered I had failed to bring a drink bottle. Very silly of me...really getting dehydrated after at least 4 hours in the sun. So when I get back to the city...I go the ATM to withdraw money to buy a bottle of water...and have reached your daily withdrawl limit...what...I havn't been near a bank or ATM today,..i have been in the middle of nowhere! So i go in...and yes...someone had taken/stolen $1600 from my bank account!!! And because it was done that day (yesterday/Thursday) I had to wait till today to start the formal fraud investiagtion (transactions don't show until the next day). Now $1600 is quite a lot for me so I was very upset.

But it is all sorted now. They said I will get my money back. Yay!!!

So a not so nice end to my day


E. said...

I know that's not the water you were in yesterday but it looks so lovely. Thankfully it's not hot today otherwise I would have swimming envy.

I'm sorry about the money being stolen. It's good to know that you will get it back.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a bastard - even though you will get the money back its a stressful moment when you realise that you account has been hacked. Here's hoping for no repeat performances.

Chatterbox said...

That was a wonderful picture. Loved the clear waters there. A cool sight in the scorching heat of these days.

It must have been the most stressful 24 hours of your life to wait and watch who had hacked your account and will you get back your hard earned money.

Am glad to learn that it's all sorted ou at last.

Take care :)