Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I learnt this week...

a) Birthdays are made good by having people to spend it with...This is the first year I have not been excited by my birthday's imminent approach (tomorrow/Sunday). Nothing planned. Probably just go to hang at home reading/movie watching or go to a NSW vs TAS cricket match by myself and take a book for back up. Part of the reason for this non-excitement is the lack of people to celebrate it. Most of my friends are all either studying for exams or out doing field work stuff. And my boyfriend is on a boat/in Antartica. Sigh.

b) Do not wear one of your favourite t-shirts when doing field work. Yesterday I was out supergluing tiny labels to my limpets. I was wearing this really cool t-shirt whilst doing it. And low and behold I got my special magnetic protractor glued to my t-shirt. You think I would have learnt by now
c) Make sure you bag is zipped properly up when there is food in it. Also a lesson I learnt yesterday whilst out in the field. I had this tasty pizza thing in my bag packed for lunch. I left my bag in a nice dry spot after getting all my gear out of it. I was in a rush so didnt really focus on making sure was all nicely zipped. I turn round and later and see my things sprawled everywhere and the topping of my pizza thing stolen by a silly bird. No lunch for me. Meant no food for from 10 till 5.30 when I got home.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu
Happy Birthday dear Clarissa
Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuu!

I feel your pain about boring birthdays - mine is in July which a particularly stupid month to have a birthday if you work in tax. However I hope you get out and have a bit of fun and enjoy a nice "me" day.

Baahaaa on the glue thing however. Sounds like something I would do too.:)

DarNonymous said...

Ha that is cracker! That is just so you to glue your protractor to your shirt!
Hope it was a good B'day. xxxxxxxx