Monday, November 9, 2009

Blame the supervisor - Progress report on honours


Sigh. My first experiment was going great. I had collected my data - taken 600 measurements of limpets over 2 days and 3 "sites" - and it all looked pretty good - mostly. The data suggested that limpets DO face a particular direction - downwards.

So i go and talk to my honours supervisor and he says "maybe go out for a third day". So I dutifully go back and out and take another 300 measurements and then analyse my data. Ba baaaaa (that is the quiz incorrect noise). My data now has basically no nice pattern in it any longer! Which means I have to rethink my next experiment which I had already designed and was ready to go!

I am obvisously not 100% happy. But a struggle will only make me stronger/better * fingers crossed*

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, after that experience I would be conducting my own experiment (not necessarily sanctioned by the supervisor or the ethics committee) involving limpets and hammers. :)

Seriously thought, shame and how frustrating for you.