Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food in compartments

I love having a meal with lots of little compartments. Like...japanese bento boxes. Sometimes when I am at work and i feel like a different meal to my usual sushi roll I will go to somewhere slightly more fancy and have one of these. Not the sushi bento boxes...but the really cool ones with a mini main meal and salad and sometimes a desserty thing and miso soup and yay!!!!

I also discovered on Little Sooti ( a really cool lolly tacklebox by Dylans Candy Bar New York which was also pretty groovy.
Yum cha is also pretty kind in a compartmently way...lots of small little dishes.
Hmmm...i think I should do a cheese compartment dish someday for a picnic :)


DarNonymous said...

Hee hee, you crack me up!!! The smallest things can bring such joy to you, that's why you're awesome. x

Anonymous said...

Man look at those candies! I love the way they are packaged and presented. Awesome gift ideas.

Yum Cha gets my vote everytime. I like the compartmentalised its served to you.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I too am a fan of little things - that's why I love the film Mermaids {all her meals are served as teeny morsels of fingerfood - love it!} A cheese compartment dish sounds amazing. I love pretty coloured tiffins too, it's like opening a present with every course.