Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why limpets and penguins?

Limpets are what I am studying. What are they? They are kind of like flattened snails which live down on the rocks at the beach. Most people think they don't move but they do...just very slowly. I personally think they are pretty cool. When something attacks them they clamp down and to cool down they mushroom up - lifting their shell off the ground. As this is my honours year I predict I am going to get pretty obssessed with them. Even start having crazy dreams!

Penguins? Well apart from the fact that they are pretty cute - especially baby emperer penguins - my boyfriend is shortly to depart for Antartica for a year - so they represent him. Just need to convince him to start his own blog. So expect to see lots of pictures of them :)

So this is going to be the year of Limpets and Penguins for me.


DarNonymous said...

So exciting! I'll put your link on my page & do a feature on you to get you some Blog love as soon as I have a chance.
Also, start leaving comments on the Blogs that you lurk on, people always love comments (trust me, I still get excited every time I get a new comment in my inbox!) & usually drop by to check out your Blog.
And I'll start our bookclub up as soon as have a chance & I'll send you the details to post about.
Yay! I'm excited!

Hi! I'm Alex said...

That's cool! Oh I miss Uni days when you could be completely obsessed about the most random things!