Monday, October 19, 2009

City Vs. Country

Living in the country is quiet and peacefull...Living in the country is fun
from playschool

For quite a while I have been thinking how great it would be to not live in the city. I would really love to live in a small rural town or on a property in the middle of nowwhere. The solitude I don't think would bother me - afterall I spend most of my free time at the moment reading, eating or surfing the internet - all of which you can do all by yourself. I just the love the atmosphere and community of many small towns. And many of the so called benefits of city living aren't really for me. Most people my age seem to spend their friday evenings clubbing and dancing - boring.

So what would i miss?

  1. The wide range of food - you can get everything in the city - sushi, japanese bbq, yum cha, good indian, etc etc. Yes I could learn to cook things like this ...but I don;t think the quality or quantity would be up to scratch

  2. Libraries! - I love going to the library. Free books!! If i didn't have the abundance of libraries I would be spending a heap on books. I go through 3 or 4 a week quite often. Sometimes more. But there are ways to get around this in the country- cheap books over the internet, second hand bookshops, friendly local libarians ord
    ering things in for you.

  3. Friends and family - I would miss everyone obviously. But i guess in this day and age so much is done over the internet or phone. And there is obviously letters.

So where would i go. I think Northen Australia is my current fantasy. I love the wet season - hot and wet at the same time. And the wildlife etc is great too. Not too crowded - lots of open spaces. And even good food in some places.

Sigh. I will have to wait a bit till I can venture on this particular journey. But it is nice to dream.

The pics on this post are ones I took whilst in the Northern territory and Western Australia. So beautiful up there!!!

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DarNonymous said...

Thanks alot, now I've got that gay playschool song stuck in my head!
Great NT pics, & yes, agree that Sydney is just too full-on.
I think you'd make a great country-gal!
You could always sign up for Farmer Wants A Wife whilst N is away!